Branch of Study: Tourism

4 years of study with A – level exam

  • Secondary School of Tourism was founded in 1993. 
  • Tourism is a very developing branch of study nowadays. Students must be able to speak foreign languages fluently.  To meet this need students can choose from English, German, Spanish, French or Russian obligatory languages. 
  • Another very important skill for them is the excellent knowledge of economy, law, marketing and management, computer sciences or psychology. Besides that, they are acknowledged with geography and cultural history.
  • Students can try to pass exams in typewriting or languages: First Certificate in English, German Zertifikat Deutsch, Delf in French and Dele in Spanish.  Students take part in lots of trips, every year they go to a foreign country where they obtain their first experience as guides.  Many of our students continue their studying at universities.

General subjects

Czech language and literature, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French , Civics, History, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, P.E.

Scientific subjects

Economy of the enterprise, Typewriting, Computer Sciences, Accountancy, Law, Psychology

Branch subjects

Technics of Tourism, Geography of Tourism, Marketing, Management, Culture of Social Behaviour, Guiding, Practice


Branch of Study: Graphic Design

4 years of study with A – level exam

  • Graphic Design, which has been taught since 2011, is a very demanding branch of study nowadays.
  • While learning special subjects students are taught to cooperate in groups and to work on projects 
  • in art subjects.
  • They are acknowledged with both traditional art techniques and state-of-the art digital techniques
  • to be able to realize their ideas and imagination and to improve their skills and capabilities. 

Art activities

Art preparation, Figure drawing


Graphic studios, Printing offices, Various workshops


Graphic and Print Technology, Type and Typography, Art history 

Graphic production

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere



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